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Your packet will be prepared in 24-48 hours after we receive the payment. Please take in consideration that if you pay by transfer bank, this could be taking 2 -3 to receive the payment. Mail express service that will send your packet could be FEDEX or DHL, sometimes could be normal service , the time is around 7 to 12 days depends of which day we received the payment. About the legislation. All the packets to come from out or EU most have to pay taxes, however, we are talking about that just 5% pay for it. (Our packet) , we try the best to avoid to pay taxes dividing your packet in 2 or 3 parts and use FedEx because is certificated and faster. If one of those packets if confiscated by customs and the client most have to pay taxes, we want to mention: 1. The charge not depends of us, it¡¯s completely random and we try to avoid it. 2. We take responsibility of it with the client with the 50% or the charge has you pay, if the client sends the invoice of that charge. This mount could be discount in your next order. For more information , you can send an email

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